I’m wrapping gifts and trying to put myself in a Christmas mood, and I realized my holiday playlist is pretty lit! If you want to jam out this holiday or chill by the fireplace and relax, this playlist captures both moods. I wish you all a wonderful holiday!

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This major definitely isn’t one you haven’t heard of before – but does anyone really know what majoring in communication studies means? Or to take it a step further, does anyone know what we do in the major? If you’re curious, or you’re considering the major, keep reading!

Here’s a definition for the major from UCLA (my school’s communication studies department is remodeling their website haha): It [communication studies] seeks to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of human communication, the symbol systems by which it functions, the environments in which it occurs, its media, and its effects.

In simpler terms, we study communication, why people communicate the way they do, how to fix communication errors, how people communicate in the first place and the outcomes. At my university, they offer students a track in this field with the options of Rhetoric & Public Communication, Intercultural & Interpersonal Communication, or Media & Public Relations.

I’m headed into the media & public relations track, and a majority of students in my major head down that path in the hopes on getting involved in the journalism world. If you want to major in communication studies, here’s some quick tips:


First and foremost, communication studies is not math, engineering or anything like that. You got me with that one. But that doesn’t mean that you can just grab a B.A. in Communication Studies. Nope. This major may not be dealing with lots of problems and technical issues, but you are dealing with plenty of theories and research. Those two alone result in so much content and plenty of papers. But it’s worth it, because many of the theories in communication studies are interesting. We watch Everybody Loves Raymond clips for examples in class for god’s sake. Kayla from Kayla Blogs has a pretty awesome post about “easy majors” here.


Whether it’s a public relations club, speech and forensics team, tv club or the school newspaper – you’d better be ready to jump in! Outside of the classroom, majoring in communications is a fun experience!



Most companies won’t hire a recent college graduate from any major if they haven’t interned (or participated in any gig close to it) at least once in their college career. But a communications major is trained to see internships on the horizon as early as sophomore year. If you are heading into media and public relations, interning at radio and tv stations or PR firms will be your ticket to that first job in your dream field. It can also get you some connections!

Now I guess you’re wondering what kinds of jobs you can actually get with this degree after college? Here’s a preview of the hundreds of jobs that are possible with this major.


And as far as graduate school goes for this major.. that’s up to you! It’s always nice to build on your education, but with a bachelor’s degree & plenty of gained experience – you can climb to the top with a communication studies degree!

Hope this helped anybody thinking about this wonderful major! Any questions about what me and this major, or the major in general? Leave a comment!


Life gets overwhelming. Especially if you’re in four different clubs, and two require office hours and a heap of work on Sundays and – I’ll stop there. Life gets crazy.

If you’re a girl with a lot on your plate and you begin to feel super closed in, get out now. You need an escape plan for days when you feel there’s so much to do but only so many hours in a day (Hey.. comment if you know the song I’m referring to!).

Here are some things you can try frequently to help yourself find the strength to continue to be superwoman.

  • Find a place to walk to, and chill. For example, my college has a north and south campus. I sometimes walk to South Campus on a nice breezy day and hang out on the hammocks they have down there. This could be similar for you, or just find a bench in a quiet spot on campus. Emphasis on walk though, because walking always makes you feel good!
  • Treat yourself. This is my favorite. I like to tell myself ‘job well done today!’ when I buy a latte from this really great coffee truck on campus. It’s pretty pricey so whenever I finally get to buy it I feel good, it tastes good, and life is good at that moment. Starbucks gives me that kinda rush too.
  • Watching Netflix with snacks. This is especially important. I always tell myself “you’re paying for it, use it up!” I’ve been binge-watching the old 90s show A Different World for the past month and I have no regrets. I even watch in between classes, and while at work when there’s nothing to do.
  • Call home. The average college student calls home pretty seldom. I cringe while the phone is ringing, but by the time I hang up after a nice talk I feel good. You should call home and let them give you all the props. You are in college being a rockstar, and they know it, and they can’t wait to say “I’m so proud of you!”
  • Be with your friends. Of course, when all the work is done and you’ve practiced enough self-care for the day, hang out with your friends. Go out and party, stay in and talk, go eat, etc.


These aren’t the biggest, most grandiose ways to escape from your busy lifestyle as a college student – but the little things matter most right? Let me know if you do any of these or more!

So you want to get involved on your campus, huh? The most exciting, beneficial and might I add, free experience of your college career is to get involved on campus. Getting involved on your campus will open many doors and introduce you to many people. There are a boatload of ways to get involved, and I’m gonna break it down for you in four categories.

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School is almost here! Can y’all believe it? I feel like I blinked and it was August. I can’t complain though, because I have lots of celebrating to do! August 17th is my 19th birthday and As Told By Sunny’s first blogiversary! Music this summer has been hot, and I love sharing what I’m listening to! I also added some tracks I love to listen to around my birthday.


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