I’m Sunny, the girl behind As Told By Sunny. I’m a 19-year-old college student studying communication + journalism in PA.

I love exploring my city, my university + its surroundings. I also like singing and doing a full face of makeup for fun. I can’t take on the world without a good playlist – I’m a sucker for good music!


Let’s face it: we aren’t all perfect. We overwork ourselves sometimes, we procrastinate on homework, we go to parties and forget to turn in assignments sometimes – college happens. As Told By Sunny isn’t just my little corner of the internet to vent.

It’s a blog for the people who don’t sleep until 3 am some nights because they’re up thinking about that midterm tomorrow, or that person who didn’t call them back – or both. It’s for the girls that have their lives together, and for the girls that don’t.

I made this blog in the hopes that other college students can read it and see that they aren’t alone, & that anyone – together or a mess – can rock college!