6 Tips for College Orientation

Whether your orientation is in the middle of the summer, or it’s the weekend you move in, get excited! Orientation is your first peek into college life! Here are six tips I have to help you have an amazing orientation day!


Since you’ll be walking around all day, wearing some sneakers and clothes you can breathe in would be the way to go! Avoid tight clothes, long sleeves (unless it’s winter) and sandals if you can.


As an orientation leader at my school, I know how it feels when people don’t pay attention. It’s like a slap in the face. The programming of the day and the people presenting these programs want to see you as students who are excited and care about the information given to you!


This goes along with #2, don’t be rude, y’all! Like I said, so much was put into making this day the most fun and informative day possible, and you being on your phone and talking during tours and programs will only show that you don’t care! Be all in on your orientation day, because the information we give is crucial stuff and things you will wish you had remembered on your first day of class. I know it’s exciting and you want to Snapchat everything and talk to people, but in programming it’s not encouraged!


The amount of walking you will be doing, my God. Bring a water bottle! And if you forget it, ask your orientation leader or someone to let you grab water from a fountain every now and then. You’ve gotta keep that energy up!


We were trained extensively in everything about our school so we could answer any and every question there is. No question is silly, or too much to answer. If we don’t know it, another person on the orientation staff does! Ask all the questions you can!


Please talk to people in your group! Don’t do it in sessions and programs (i.e. #2 & #3), but everywhere else! Make friends, find people you have things in common with, and you never know.. you might meet your forever friend at orientation!

I hope that was helpful! Have an amazing orientation day! If you already went, let me know how it went! If you’re like “been there, done that” then drop some memories from orientation in the comments!

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