The Ultimate Guide To Involvement in College

So you want to get involved on your campus, huh? The most exciting, beneficial and might I add, free experience of your college career is to get involved on campus. Getting involved on your campus will open many doors and introduce you to many people. There are a boatload of ways to get involved, and I’m gonna break it down for you in four categories.


These are probably the clubs where you’ll find yourself doing that weird thing you love to do (but thought no one else did – you were wrong!) or giving back to the community, OR simply playing video games. There’s literally a club for everything! For example, I just read that my school has a Bollywood Dance club and a breakdance club. There’s something for you and your wide range of interests at your school!

Ex. Acapella groups, College Democrats, College Republicans, improv club, photography club, homecoming committee, student government, dance team, etc.


These are the clubs you join when you want to network with professionals, alumni, professors and other students in your major. I’m not sure if every school has this, but I’m 95% sure they do!

Ex. Students In Communication, Social Work Club, National Association for Black Accountants, American Institute of Graphic Arts, English Clubs, etc.


Most likely one of the ‘big kahuna’ ways to get involved head first in college is joining a sorority or fraternity. The most popular way to join a sorority or fraternity is go through the recruitment process. To join a panhellenic (sorority) chapter (well at least this is the process at my school) you must go through the fall recruitment process. To avoid interference with classes, recruitment is structured for evenings and weekends. From my understanding, you meet women from every sorority first off and then throughout two weekends you attend different events that each chapter holds. You rank your choices, and then the sororities submit a preference list and extend their invitations.

A lot, but worth it if you wanna be apart of a sisterhood!

The interfraternity (fraternity) process is pretty simple. You just go to the informational sessions they hold to see which one is your cup of tea, and then each fraternity has their own way of initiating their brothers.

Another greek life option which I believe every college has is the Black and Latino Greek Council. This is a way for multicultural students to join a chapter closely related to their heritage. It may differ at every school, but from my knowledge you just attend informational sessions and from there you decide whether or not to join.


Are you sporty, but not practice every day, on the road every weekend for away games sporty? There’s something for y’all too! Campus Recreation should have information on club sports. This is where you can play (or learn!) your favorite sport and compete against other teams formed on campus. There are so many club sports it’s crazy. There’s even club bowling at some schools.

As you can see, the opportunities are endless! This school year, get your booty on up and get involved! Although class is important, college is a time for growth and meeting lifelong friends. Getting involved is the trick to finding yourself, finding people who like what you like, and just doing what you love to do in the four years you’re given at college. Go get ‘em!

By the way – your school should be having an involvement fair at some point soon! Go to it and sign up for a bunch of clubs!