Making The Most Of Your Professor’s Office Hours

The last thing many students in college want to do is clear an hour of their time to make it to their professor’s office hours, let me tell ya. But in all honesty, office hours are pretty beneficial. Getting to a professor’s office hours can help them pinpoint your face with a name. It’s gonna be a big help when you need that extra boost of a few points and they remember how kind you were,  & passionate about your grades. Here’s some tips to make office hours benefit you in the best ways.

Quick Pro-Tip: Go to office hours during syllabus week (or exactly a week after if they aren’t set up). It will help you get off on the right foot with the teacher. Just pop in and introduce yourself. If you are excited for the class, say that. If you aren’t the best at the subject but willing to do the best you can, say that. They’ll remember you and they will be much more willing to help you whenever you need it.

Okay, on to the real deal. You need help – here’s how to get it.

  • Arrive to their office hours no later than 5-10 minutes after they start. This solidifies your spot in the office without having to wait in a line for other students to be done. This also shows your passion for getting the grade!
  • Always take notes of what they say. A lot of professors’ office hours won’t be on the same day as class or at 10am. I had a professor have office hours from 5pm-7pm. For these situations, you’ve definitely gotta jot everything down. You’ll forget, and the entire point of going would be wasted. Even if the office hours are right before the big test and/or at the best time of day… take those notes!
  • Ask the professor what they think the best possible way is to study the topic. This can result in HUGE TIPS. There have been some times in the library where I’d just look at my notes and wonder how am I gonna even study this? They can help you out with that. Whether it’s math and there’s different formulas they can show you, or it’s actual content you have to memorize and they’ll suggest ways to keep it etched in your mind – they’ve got you. Just ask.
  • Go to office hours during the week of a test. Even if you do get the content and think you’ll ace the test – still get the professor to quiz you!
  • Bring tests that you didn’t exactly ace. You don’t have to just bring F tests/projects/papers in and ask about what went wrong. It’s not a bad idea to bring in B work and talk about what to do next time to get that A.
  • Lastly, build a connection. Ask them about their day. Talk about their undergraduate experience. Do they have kids? I think professors really appreciate students being super friendly and genuine. Get to know your professors, especially the ones in your major’s department. The opportunities will start rolling in! One of my professors (whom I’ve grown pretty close to) emails me all the time about different scholarships, events I might like, or just some motivation to help me kick butt. You can have that too!

What do you guys do in your professor’s office hours to be successful? Let me know!

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  • Thank you! It will help tremendously, let me know how it goes!

  • Aw thank you! They are live-savers! Thanks for reading!

  • I’m also bookmarking this because i’m so bad with this. I’m sure going to office hours will probably help my grade a lot. I’m definitely gonna try to do this in the fall.

    Yvanne |

  • I love this, I bookmarked it. I went to only one professor’s hours at the end of the semester but I really did think it made a difference. There’s no way I got the grade I got imagine if I visited even sooner.

    Corsica |