5 Things You Should Know How To Do Before College

Moving out on your own: the most beautiful experience a young person can have. Unless you don’t know how to live on your own. Even though it’s just college, there are many practical things you just have to know before move-in day.

Laundry. You’ll be doing it by yourself every weekend or so, and you’ll need to know how to separate by color! Don’t cheat by taking your laundry home every weekend and getting a family member to do it, actually try and learn from them over the summer so when the time comes for you to wash that first week of college wear, you know how.

Take notes. You probably got by just fine in high school with writing some of what the teacher said at the beginning of class, dozing off for 15 minutes (or texting, or talking to a friend, etc.) and then just writing down whatever they’re talking about now that you’re paying attention again – but that simply won’t work in college. Your notes pretty much define your grade. Every last bit of what you write down in college has to be important, and will probably be incorporated in every midterm and final. Abigail from Living The Gray Life has a great post about note taking here!

Saving. Yeah, this is a hard one. But if you want to avoid the “poor college student” stigma (you honestly will be a little poor at least once in your college career, so you can’t fully dodge it) you’d better start saving! A little bit goes a LOOOONG way. Putting as little as $5-10 dollars away every paycheck (or whenever you get your hands on some money) can be super helpful. Especially when it’s the end of your spring semester and you’re out of flex dollars and you’re down to your last meal swipes.

Being Alone. Okay, so this may need a little extra explanation. By “being alone” I mean being able to eat alone and not think about people judging you or feeling weird about it. Being okay with taking walks alone – because there will be times when you need to breathe and be without friends for a little while. Believe it or not, there are some people in the world who seldom practice the art of self-care. In college, it’s pretty important to be alone with yourself and make decisions for yourself – not what your friends say or what the next kid is doing.

How to manage time. Everyone has their own version of managing their own time, you’ll just have to create yours. Get started with this hypothetical: you have two classes on Monday. One at 10am, and one at 3pm. There’s a lot of time in between those two classes. The question is – what are you gonna do with it? Believe or not, college offers an insane amount of free time. I see it as a test. Am I gonna go to class then go back to bed? Or am I gonna plan out my day of studying, working out, etc.? Time management, my friends.


Knowing these things right off the bat can save you from a world of trouble and frustration, I wish I had known this when I was a freshman. What are your tips for new students?


  • Same! Haha thank you for reading, Amelie!

  • Sunny Morgan

    Same here haha. Hope you have a good semester, thanks for reading Amelie!

  • Time management is definitely something I need to work on! I tend to procrastinate, even if I have a pretty busy schedule.

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