Why Failing A Class In College Is Okay


So you failed a class. Maybe it’s your first time failing a class and you are fa-reaking out. If you’re failing a class, or you’re about to – here’s some options I mustered up:

  • Retake the class you failed (or got an unsatisfactory grade in). Yes, it will be a total pain – but your GPA will thank you. You’ve already got the upper hand! You took it already, and you should be able to recollect the content faster than the other students.  
  • Ace all your classes next semester. It’s buckle down time. While taking the class over and acing it could be a big W, it’s not bad to just go ahead and aspire to get better grades! Remember, the further you are in school the harder it will become to get your GPA up. So if you’re a sophomore and under, there’s room for improvement in the form of retaking.
  • Take summer courses. This is a super productive and easy way to catch up on those general ed. courses you may be missing out on due to you having you retake classes in the fall and spring semesters. Summer courses are also surefire ways to graduate early!
  • Plan to graduate within 4½ to 5 years. It may be frustrating to be a junior or senior & be unsure if you’re gonna fail a class. Chance are, you just might have to finish school a little later than others. Really focus and make sure you get to graduate a year (or less) after your original expected grad year! Take no Ls!


Listen, failing a class isn’t the end of the world. Look at it as a lesson – you know what you have to do to succeed next semester, because you failed a class. You know what study tactics aren’t good for you, you know which professor isn’t good for you, and you know what the reason is for you failing. And you can fix it. I believe in you!

Did you ever fail a class? What are your tips for those who have?